How to Use Single Post Templates on Newspaper Theme

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Jun 3, 2020

Sometimes, you want to publish an article with a different look from the regular articles you have published. If you are a Newspaper WordPress theme user, you can effortlessly use a different post template for each post. Newspaper theme offers about 14 different post templates, which you can access via the Post Settings section, right beneath the WordPress editor. You can choose a post template to tailor the type of the post you want to publish.

While Newspaper already provides 14 different post layouts, you can also add more layouts via tagDiv Cloud Library.

tagDiv Cloud Library is one of the features offered by Newspaper theme. In order to use this feature, you need to activate the tagDiv Cloud Library plugin first. tagDiv Cloud Library offers a bunch of additional templates for your Newspaper theme elements such as category template, archive template, single post template, and so on.

How to Use Single Post Templates on Newspaper Theme

As we have mentioned earlier above, to be able to use the tagDiv Cloud Library feature, you need to enable its plugin first. tagDiv Cloud Library itself is one of the built-in plugin of Newspaper theme. However, this plugin is not enabled by default. To enable this plugin, go to Newspaper -> Plugins.

On the Plugins tab, select tagDiv Cloud Library and click the ACTIVATE button.

Once the plugin is activated, you will see a new menu item called Cloud Templates right below the Comments menu. Hover your mouse over this menu and click All Templates.

On the Cloud Templates page, click the Add New button to add a new template.

You will be presented a pop-up containing lots of pre-made templates. Since you want to use a single post template, click the Single link and select one of the single post templates that you love.

Click the CREATE TEMPLATE button and you will be taken to the tagDiv Composer editor.

On the tagDiv Composer, you can edit the template in case there are some elements you want to remove or add. Once you are done editing the template, click the floppy disk icon to save it (Ctrl+S).

There are two ways to use the single post template you have just created.

  • One

Go to the Newspaper theme panel (Newspaper -> Theme panel) and select POST SETTINGS -> Default post template (site wide).

Select the single post layout you have created and click the SAVE SETTINGS button to apply the change.

  • Two

The first method above will apply the single post template to the entire site. Meaning that if you publish a new article without changing the post template, your article will be published with your new post template.

If you want to apply your new post template only on certain posts, simply select your new template via the Post Settings (beneath the WordPress editor) section before you publish your article.

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