How to Use Author Template on Newspaper Theme

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Jun 3, 2020

If you have a large WordPress-based dynamic website with a number of authors, you might want to customize the author page of your website. If you use Newspaper theme (the current version if Newspaper X), you can install the tagDiv Cloud Library plugin to use one of the author templates offered by the tagDiv team.

tagDiv Cloud Library is one of the plugins offered by Newspaper theme. It is a complementary plugin instead of required plugin like tagDiv Composer. However, installing tagDiv Cloud Library will give you lots of advantages since it brings lots of templates, including author templates. You can view all of the author templates offered tagDiv team on this page.

How to use an author template

Before being able to use one of the templates offered by the tagDiv team, you need to install the tagDiv Cloud Library. Basically, this plugin has been installed when you were installing Newspaper theme, but it is not activated by default. To activate it, go to Newspaper -> Plugins.

On the Plugins tab, select tagDiv Cloud Library and click the ACTIVATE button.

Once activated, you will see a new menu called Cloud Templates on your WordPress dashboard. This menu lies right below the Comments menu. Hover your mouse over this menu and click All Templates.

You will be taken to the Cloud Templates page. Click the Add New button to create a new template.

Wait a moment until Newspaper is done loading the templates. Once loaded, click the Author link and select the template you want to use.

Next, click the CREATE TEMPLATE button and you will be taken to the tagDiv Composer editor.

Before being able to edit the template, you need to click the DONE button. On the tagDiv Composer editor, you can add other elements if you want or change the settings. Please note that what you see on the tagDiv Composer is not the same as the one you see on the template preview. You will see the same look after you have applied the template. Following is the example look on the tagDiv Composer editor.

Don’t forget to save the template by clicking the floppy disk icon on the top side of the tagDiv Composer element panel.

Applying the tempate

Once you are done creating the template, now it’s time to use it. To do so, return to the WordPress dashboard and go to Newspaper -> Theme panel.

On the Theme panel page, click the TEMPLATE SETTINGS menu and scroll down to the Author template section.

Click the arrow down icon on the GENERAL AUTHOR TEMPLATE section and select the template you have just created.

The template will apply to all authors on your website. If you want, you can also apply the template to the selected authors only. To do so, switch to the INDIVIDUAL AUTHOR TEMPLATES section and click the arrow down icon next to the author username and select the template you want.

Just don’t forget to save the the change by clicking the SAVE CHANGES button.

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