5 Reasons to Use Newspaper Theme by tagDiv

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Feb 22, 2024

There are probably several WordPress themes with the name of “newspaper” or similar names. The one we are going to cover in this article is Newspaper theme developed by tagDiv.

Newspaper (the current version is Newspaper X) is a WordPress theme with an online magazine concept. It is best suited for dynamic website types like news portal, online magazine, and large blog although you can also use Newspaper for static websites with proper settings.

Newspaper by tagDiv is loved by many WordPress users. Even big brands like Uber and Bitcoin also use this theme on one of their websites. Our friend Bettertechtips.com has also been using this theme. You can find other WordPress-based sites that use Newspaper on the showcase page on the tagDiv website.

Newspaper itself is one of the best-selling WordPress themes on Themeforest with over 77 thousand sales. If you haven’t used this theme and want to make a switch, following are 5 common reasons why you should use this theme.

1. Centralized Settings

Newspaper by tagDiv is a feature-rich theme. It is fully customized, allowing you to set the theme according to your need. In WordPress, you can usually make theme settings via the Customize menu (Appearance -> Customize). Newspaper works different way. It comes with an additional panel that hosts all theme settings. Every time you want to customize your theme sections like header, footer, page layout and so on, you can go to the theme panel.

At first, you might will be a bit confused or clumsy to use this panel. Once you have familiarized with it, you will find that the idea of putting together all settings in a different panel is great. You can simply go to the theme panel every time you want to make certain settings. On the panel settings of Newspaper theme itself you will find several menus. Each menu hosts different settings. For instance, the HEADER menu hosts all settings related to header and menu like the option to disable/enable sticky menu, search position and so on.

2. Ready-to-use Theme Templates

After installing and activating Newspaper theme, you won’t immediately get a beautiful website interface as you expected until you make the adjustments. As we have just mentioned above, you can make all of the settings via the theme panel. You can set things like sticky menu, footer, widget, post layout and so on.

Even if you have set theme sections like footer, widget and header (menu), you will need to design the layout of your homepage. To make it easy for you to create a page (in which you will set it as homepage), Newspaper offers a plugin called tagDiv Composer (will be covered later below).

There is also an instant way to get a decent look web interface since Newspaper also offers ready-to-use theme templates — called demo. In Newspaper, demo is Newspaper theme that has been set in such a way. You can apply all settings applied to a demo by installing the concerned demo. Newspaper offers tens of demos from categories like architecture, city news, coffee blog, fashion, journal and so on. Each demo can be previewed so you can instantly view what will your site look like after applying the demo.

3. Ready-to-Use Page Templates

This is another feature that probably not all Newspaper theme users know about. Newspaper offers ready-to-use page templates which you can use for free. If you have been using this theme, you can find these templates on the Cloud Templates, right below the Comments menu. But first, you need to install the tagDiv Cloud Library. You can use the templates offered by Newspaper to get a better pages on your site like about page, contact page, author page and so on.

4. Built-in Page Builder

This is it. Newspaper comes with a built-in page builder called tagDiv Composer. It is a page builder that is designed specifically for Newspaper theme. You can basically use other page builder plugins like Elementor or WPBakery but, we strongly suggest you to use tagDiv Composer instead since there are elements that are only available on this page builder.

The way tagDiv Composer works is not different to other page builder plugins. It also comes with visual drag and drop interface.

You can use tagDiv Composer to design the layout of the homepage of your website, create a better about page, contact page and other pages you want. As just mentioned on point 3 above, you can import templates offered by Newspaper to shorten your time in creating a page.

5. Advanced Post Settings

Right below the editor of WordPress, you will find a section called Post Settings. The options available on this section are different depending on the theme you use. On some themes, you will find nothing.

What about Newspaper?

Newspaper offers advanced post settings which will be pretty much useful for certain conditions. For instance, if you are creating a “best places in the world to retire” article, you can turn your content into a smart list. Smart list is a feature offered by Newspaper to allow you turn a regular list into a better list. The are 8 different styles of smart list offered by Newspaper you can choose from.

In addition to smart list, another option you will find on the post settings section is review. This feature is pretty useful if you often create a review article. You can use this feature to create a summary of the product you are reviewing on the end section of your article.


Newspaper is a theme with a magazine concept. This theme is developed by a team called tagDiv. Newspaper is one of the best-selling items on Themeforest, a popular marketplace that sells CMS themes, including WordPress themes.

Although this theme is designed for dynamic websites, you can also use it on static sites like company profile and other website types that don’t require regular updates. Newspaper is a feature-rich WordPress theme. It also offers ready-to-use page templates to allow you to create a better page in minutes.

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