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Feb 19, 2024

Podcast has become a popular medium to share experience and knowledge these days. People can easily make a podcast on platforms like Spotify, Google Podcast, SoundCloud, and so on. To reach more audiences and to make it easy for your fans to listen to the episodes they missed, creating a website for your podcast is a great idea and WordPress is the best CMS to create a website for your podcast.

A crucial thing you need to prepare before creating a podcast website with WordPress is a theme.

WordPress themes like Jupiter X, Newspaper X, and Divi have some premade website templates to ease your job in creating a website. However, you might need some specific features like a sophisticated built-in audio player, the ability to integrate your website with Spotify, Google Podcast, Apple Podcast, SoundCloud, and so on. There are some themes on ThemeForest that are designed specifically for podcast websites. We have curated the best ones for you.

1. Megaphone

Megaphone is the first theme we recommend if you are looking to create a podcast website with WordPress. This theme comes with a built-in audio player similar to SoundCloud’s which allows your visitor to explore your website to find episodes they like while listening to an episode. The player also comes with features like a button to jump forward, jump backward, and playback speed option. There is also an option to minimize the player. The following is the screenshot of the Megaphone built-in audio player.

Screenshot of Megaphone audio player

Megaphone supports a wide range of podcast platforms, including Spotify, iTunes, SoundCloud, MixCloud, Stitcher, PodBean, Blubrry LibSyn, Spreaker, Cadence, and Podomatic. Of course, you can also host the audio files of your podcast episodes on your own server if you have enough storage space.

Another great feature offered by Megaphone is the ability to automatically detect podcast episodes order. You can also effortlessly group episodes into shows by assigning them to categories. Megaphone is great whether you want to create a personal podcast website or large podcasting networks with multiple hosts and shows. Furthermore, you can also use this theme to create an online radio station and audiobook website.

2. WipCast

WipCast is also a great theme to create a podcast website. Same as Megaphone, this theme also comes with a great audio player to play the podcast episodes on your website. The audio player comes with a volume controller, a play/pause button, and an option to minimize the player. Here is the screenshot of the WipCast’s audio player. Unfortunately, the audio player will stop playing once you switch to another page.

WipCast allows you to integrate your website with MailChimp to collect email subscribers. Other features include AJAX posts loading, popular posts widget, and recent posts widget. WipCast is a relatively new theme. This theme was created on May 21, 2020.

3. Podcaster

Unlike the first two themes above, Podcaster has no eye-catching built-in audio player so you might need to install an extra plugin to get the most out of this theme. This theme is optimized for BluBrry PowerPress and Seriously Simple Podcasting, two popular podcasting WordPress plugins. WordPress itself actually has a default audio player, but you need a more sophisticated audio player for a podcast website like the one you see on popular websites like SoundCloud or Spotify.

This theme makes it easy for you to archive podcast episodes to make sure your fans have quick access to the podcast episodes. In general, the features offered by this theme are not much different from other WordPress themes at large. Some key features offered by this theme include sticky header and color palettes.

4. Wpcast

Looking for a podcast theme that has an eye-catching, sophisticated built-in audio player? Wpcast might the theme you are looking for. Same as Megaphone, Wpcast also comes with a super-cool audio player that allows your visitors to browse the episodes they like while listening to a podcast. The audio player will keep playing when your visitors jump from one page to another on your website.

The player is sticky at the top side instead of the bottom. The Wpcast audio player comes with buttons to start, pause, jump forward, and jump backward. There is also a volume controller, an option to view more tracks (episodes), and a download button. Take a look at the screenshot below to learn the audio player of Wpcast.

Screenshot of the Wpcast audio player

What about other features?

Wpcast is especially a great theme if you host your podcast on Google Podcast and Apple Podcast as it supports integrations with those two popular podcasting platforms. This theme is also compatible with Libsyn, Anchor.fm and Blubrry.

Furthermore, Wpcast allows you to manage the audio playlist and preload archive podcasts. The ReAktions plugin helps increase engagement on your website as your visitors will be able to post like or rate a podcast. The included page builder plugin (WP Bakery) allows you to create beautiful pages (about page, contact page, and so on) more effortlessly with a visual editor.

5. Castilo

Castilo is also designed specifically for podcast websites. Unfortunately, it has no built-in player that allows your visitors to jump between pages on your website while listening to a podcast episode. The player will stop playing as your visitors switch to another page.

Even so, Castilo comes with a feature you might need: analytics. The analytics feature allows you to track the number of daily listeners, weekly listeners, or monthly listeners. You can also learn the number of listeners who use the site audio player, iTunes, Google Play, or Stitcher.

6. Soundbyte

Soundbyte is another WordPress theme that is designed specifically for podcast websites. Unfortunately, it has no sophisticated built-in audio player like Megaphone and Wpcast which allows you to jump between pages on your website while listening to a podcast episode.

Soundbyte uses Elementor, a popular page builder plugin, as a default page builder. The theme is bundled with Boosted Elements, a premium Elementor add-on.

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