WP Rocket

Feb 11, 2021

Speed is a crucial aspect of a website. In addition to delivering a good user experience, a web that is fast to access can lead to a better SEO ranking. WP Rocket is a WordPress plugin that you can use to speed up your WordPress site. The main feature offered by WP Rocket is caching, but it also offers other features like LazyLoad and GZIP compression. WP Rocket itself is one of the most popular premium caching plugins for WordPress, recommended by popular brands in the WordPress ecosystem.

The caching functionality of WP Rocket works on both server and client (browser). Just like other caching plugins, WP Rocket generates static HTML files to make them easily available for the next visitors. This will lighten up the job of the web server as it doesn’t need to run new processing (PHP processing) for the same requests. Instead, it can serve the requests by looking for the generated HTML files and only run the new processing only when the files are not available yet. WP Rocket also asks web browsers to store the commonly-used files to the local cache memory of a device.

If you have an e-commerce website, WP Rocket won’t mess up the e-commerce functionality as it excludes sensitive pages from the cache. There will be no interference in the purchasing process.

Other features of WP Rocket

To make your website even faster, WP Rocket also offers additional features to optimize other elements of your website. Its GZIP Compression feature will compress the pages on your website (pages on the server) and decompress them on the web browser. WP Rocket also allows you to optimize CSS delivery and load JavaScript deferred to eliminate render-blocking resources. LazyLoad feature is also available, but since WordPress has a default LazyLoad feature (since version 5.5) this feature might is not too necessary. Furthermore, WP Rocket also comes with a feature to clean up your WordPress database to make it lean.