Feb 5, 2024

Do you have a WooCommerce-powered e-commerce site? If yes then JetWooBuilder might is the plugin you need. JetWooBuilder is a WordPress plugin that you can use to make your WooCommerce site looks stunning. You can use the plugin to style up every single component of WooCommerce. From the single product page, archive product page, category product page, shop page, cart page, and other pages belong to WooCommerce.

You can create custom templates for the mentioned WooCommerce pages via the Elementor visual editor. Yes, JetWooBuilder is technically an Elementor add-on that is designed specifically to style up your WooCommerce site.

JetWooBuilder offers the following Elementor widgets that you can use to create the custom templates for WooCommerce:

Single TabsTags (Archive)Cart Empty Message
Single TitleStock Status (Archive)Cart Table
Categories GridSale Badge (Archive)Cart Cross Sells
Product GridRating (Archive)Checkout Payment
Product ListPrice (Archive)Checkout Coupon Form
Taxonomy TilesExcerpt (Archive)Checkout Order Review
Single SharingCategories (Archive)Checkout Billing
Single Add to CartAdd to Cart (Archive)Checkout Shipping Form
Single AttributesTitle (Archive Category)Checkout Login Form
Single ContentThumbnail (Archive Category)Checkout Additional Form
Single ExcerptDescription (Archive Category)Thank You Order
Single ImagesCount (Archive Category)Thank Order Details
Single MetaProducts Result Count (Shop)Thank You Customer Address Details
Single PriceProducts Pagination (Shop)My Account Logout
Single RatingPage Title (Shop)My Account Dashboard
Single Related ProductsProduct Ordering (Shop)My Account Registration Form
Single Review FormProducts Notices (Shop)My Account Login Form
Single Sale BadgeProducts Navigation (Shop)My Account Address
Single UpsellsProducts Loop (Shop)My Account Order
Title (Archive)Cart Return to ShopMy Account Downloads
Thumbnail (Archive)Cart TotalsMy Account Details

The way JetWooBuilder works is pretty simple. You can think of it as a WordPress theme builder in which it replaces the default WooCommerce templates of a theme. For instance, if you create a custom single product page using JetWooBuilder, the custom single product you created will replace the default single product template of your theme. This gives an opportunity to create a fully customized, unique WooCommerce site, without coding.

While you can create custom templates from scratch with your own design, JetWooBuilder also offers premade templates to streamline your workflow. You can use JetWooBuilder whether on Elementor Free or Elementor Pro.

Here are the custom templates you can create with JetWooBuilder:

  • Single product page
  • Archive product page
  • Category product page
  • Shop page
  • Cart page
  • Checkout page
  • Success page
  • Account page