Divi Supreme Pro

Mar 3, 2021

Divi Builder is a popular WordPress page builder that you can use on any WordPress theme. It comes with a bunch of features to allow you to create a beautiful WordPress-based site — be it a static site or dynamic site — without coding. Features offered by Divi Builder include a visual editor, theme builder, WooCommerce builder, dynamic content, and third-party integration supports. One of the drawbacks of Divi Builder is that it comes with fewer design elements (called modules). Divi Builder offers only 38 modules in total (exclude WooCommerce modules). To extend the functionality of Divi Builder, you can install a plugin. One of the Divi Builder plugins that you can use is Divi Supreme Pro.

Divi Supreme Pro is the Divi Builder plugin you need if you want to create a popup. As you have known, Divi Builder comes without a built-in popup builder. With Divi Supreme Pro, you can create a beautiful popup using the visual editor of Divi Builder. It supports a wide range of trigger types, including on page load, page scroll, exit intend, on click, and so on. Divi Supreme Pro also comes with a feature to show/hide element at give dates and times. Here are the features (extensions) offered by Divi Supreme Pro:

  • Divi Popup
  • Divi Scheduled Element
  • Divi Responsive Viewer
  • Divi Easy Theme Builder for Header
  • Divi Library Shortcodes
  • Divi Library Widget
  • Divi Readmore Content

Divi Supreme Pro Modules

In addition to the features mentioned above, Divi Supreme Pro also comes with creative modules to allow you to create a more appealing page. For instance, you can add a Lottie animation thanks to the Lottie module. It is also possible for you to add a before-after image thanks to the Before After Image Slider module. Divi Supreme Pro offers over 40 modules in total. Here are the modules offered by Divi Supreme Pro:

Divi Gradient TextDivi Price ListDivi Mask Text
Divi FlipboxDivi Business HoursDivi Scroll Image
Divi Text DividerDivi Icon ListDivi Card
Divi Supreme ImageDivi ShapesDivi Card Carousel
Divi TypingDivi Glitch TextDivi Text Rotator
Divi Supreme ButtonDivi Icon DividerDivi Block Reveal Image
Divi Facebook FeedDivi Floating Multi ImagesDivi Block Reveal Text
Divi Facebook CommentsDivi Image Hover RevealDivi Before After Image Slider
Divi Facebook EmbedDivi Image Text RevealDivi Lottie
Divi Like ButtonDivi Star RatingDivi Text Notation
Divi Embed Twitter TimelineDivi Tilt ImageDivi Masonry Gallery
Divi Contact Form 7Divi Shuffle LettersDivi Breadcrumbs
Divi Caldera FormsDivi Image CarouselDivi Content Toggle
Divi Embed Google MapDivi Dual HeadingDivi Blog Carousel
Divi Text BadgesDivi Image HotspotDivi Image Accordion
Divi MenuDivi Animated Gradient Text

Divi Supreme Introduction Video