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Turn your knowledge into a passive income machine with WordPress.

No more boring 9-5 job. Work on your own terms. Spend more time with the ones you love.

Proven formula to build MRR from your content. From a team that has been in the game since 2019.

What’s on the membership


The fundamental idea of how to build a real passive income from your content with WordPress


Actionable content series to get your first $10,000


Clear, careful ROI calculation


Free access to member-only content updates


Free templates


Email support

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Love the idea. Looks realistic with a clear calculation. Pretty useful for those wanting to get into the blogging world. With a clear guide, the opportunity for anyone to become “a boss” is higher and more realistic.

Victor Pundi

Blogger at Plugin Explorer

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the "fundamental idea" mean?

Since 2019, we have been making money producing content with WordPress. There have been so much lessons we learned, until we found a formula to keep earn us money even if we stop producing content. That’s what we want to disclose on the first chapter on the content series.

Does it take money to get started?

Yes. You need to spend money to make money. But spending money without a careful plan is a dump!

How long it takes to make my first $10.000?

It depends on the capital you spend. If you dare enough to take risk, it takes less than 3 months to achieve it.

Does your content talk about SEO?

Absolutely no. We don’t even suggest you to rely on SEO.

I am interested with the idea, but have zero knowledge on WordPress

Your willpower is all that matters. WordPress is easy to learn. You can learn on the fly. No more excuse!

I already know about WordPress, but haven't really used it for a professional purpose. If I experience an issue, will you help?

With pleasure! However, we can’t provide a real-time support. We only provide support via a dedicated email. You can also find some useful content about WordPress on this website.

I want to make the payment via a card. Will you store my card info?

No way! We use Stripe as the payment gateway on our membership system. We don’t even know which card you use.

“If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.

Warren Buffet.