How to Import a Cloud Template on Newspaper Theme

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Jun 3, 2020

On a website, there are some pages that are likely to be designed differently to other pages. Like about page, contact page, pricing page. You name it. On WordPress, there are some page builder plugins — like Elementor — which make it easier for you to create a specific page on your website. If you are a Newspaper theme user, you don’t need to install a page builder plugin anymore since Newspaper includes a default page builder plugin — tagDiv Composer.

With tagDiv Composer, you can create a beautiful specific page on your WordPress site with ease. While you can create a new page from scratch, Newspaper also offers ready-to-use templates which can save you time in creating a page.

There are about 543 page templates offered by Newspaper. From homepage templates, about page templates, contact page templates and so on. All are available for free. You can simply import a page template according to your need and change the default contents. In order to be able to import a page template you need to install the tagDiv Cloud Library plugin first.

If you are curious about page templates offered by Newspaper, following is the example.

To view all page templates offered by Newspaper theme, you can visit this page.

How to import a cloud template on Newspaper theme

As mentioned above, you need to install the tagDiv Cloud Library plugin before being able to import a page template on Newspaper theme. To install this plugin, you can go to Newspaper -> Plugins.

On the Plugins tab, select tagDiv Cloud Library to install and activate it. In most cases, tagDiv Cloud Library itself is actually already installed so you will only need to activate it. Once the plugin is installed and activated, you will have a menu item on your WordPress dashboard called Cloud Templates. This menu lies right below the Comments menu.

To start importing a page template, go to Cloud Templates -> All Templates.

On the Cloud Templates page, click the Add New button.

A pop up will appear as you click the Add New button. Select a template you want to use and click the CREATE PAGE button to use it. You will be directed to the tagDiv Composer page.

Before clicking the CREATE PAGE button, you can also click the PREVIEW button to preview the page you want to use. On the tagDiv Composer page, you can change the default contents according to your need.

The verdict

Cloud Templates is one of the features offered by Newspaper theme. This feature is optional, but it can be pretty helpful to save you time in creating pages like about page, contact page or even pricing table page. There are over 500 free templates you can choose from. If you are not a Newspaper user and want to make a switch to this theme, you can get it from Themeforest.

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