5 Free WordPress Page Builder Plugins to Create Beautiful Pages

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Feb 7, 2024

Design is one of the parameters to appraise the quality of a website, other than performance. The problem is, how can you create a good-looking, stunning website if you have no web design skill or background? If your website is built with WordPress, the answer is a page builder plugin. A page builder plugin allows you to create beautiful pages on your WordPress site without having to deal with CSS or HTML. Some page builders, such as Divi Builder and Elementor, even come with a theme builder feature that allows you to create a custom header, custom footer, and custom single post layout.

A page builder plugin comes with a visual editor where you can edit your page. In most cases, you can simply drag the design elements you want to add to the canvas area and then make the settings accordingly.

In today’s age, a page builder is one of the plugins that firstly installed on a brand-new WordPress site, other than essential plugins like SEO plugin and site optimizer. Page builder is the type of plugin that makes the job of web developers/designers get way easier. Just like other plugin types, there are a bunch of options of page builder plugins out there. While paid options like WP Bakery and Divi Builder offer plenty of features, you might want to start with a free one. We have compiled the best WordPress page builder plugins that you can use for free.

1. Elementor

It would be a huge mistake to not mention this one when discussing the WordPress page builder plugin. Elementor, which has over 5 million active installations, is the most popular page builder plugins. One of the main reasons why Elementor becomes the most popular page builder plugin is nothing but its very intuitive interface. The interface of Elementor is pretty easy to use, even for new users.

You can use Elementor for free as the plugin is released as a freemium plugin. Another reason why many WordPress users use Elementor is that it offers plenty of design elements (called widgets). The free version of Elementor comes with about 30 widgets, while the paid version offers 90+ widgets and other features like theme builder, form builder, popup builder, and WooCommerce builder.

Elementor is an extensible plugin. If you need certain widgets or features (that are not offered by Elementor), you can also install an add-on. For instance, if you want to create a mega menu, you can install JetMenu. Or, you can install JetBlog if you need to create a section on your homepage to display articles in a grid style. Elementor itself works on both posts and pages. You can use it on any WordPress theme. Furthermore, Elementor also offers tons of premade templates.

2. Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder is another popular page builder plugin for WordPress. According to its official site, the plugin is used by over 1 million users. Same as Elementor, Beaver Builder is also released as a freemium plugin, meaning that you can use it for free although with limited enough features. The free version only offers 5 basic design elements (called modules):

  • Audio
  • HTML
  • Photo
  • Text Editor
  • Video

If you have ever used Divi Builder, the interface of Beaver Builder is pretty similar to it. The settings panel appears as a popup instead of on the sidebar like Elementor. By default, Beaver Builder works on pages only but you can also set it to works on posts.

With the free version of Beaver Builder, you have to create your page from scratch as the free version of Beaver Builder offers no premade templates like Elementor.

3. Visual Composer

If you are more comfortable working with a page builder that has a settings panel on the sidebar then Visual Composer is one of the options. If you want it, you can also move the settings panel to the top side. The interface of Visual Composer is pretty easy to use just like Elementor and Beaver Builder. Very simple and uncluttered. When creating a new page with Visual Composer, you can select the page layout. Whether you want to use the layout of your theme or the layout of Visual Composer. In Visual Composer, design elements are called elements.

The free version of Visual Composer offers 12 elements, including Text Block to add text, Single Image to add image, Basic Button to add a button, Shortcode to integrate Visual Composer with other WordPress plugins that use shortcodes, and Separator.

By default, Visual Composer works on both posts and pages. You can set it to works only on posts or pages if you want it. Same as Beaver Builder, the free version of Visual Composer offers no premade templates at all. You need to activate the license to get premade templates and more elements. Visual Composer is integrated with Unsplash to allow you to add images for free to the page you are working on.

4. Brizy

Brizy is a modern page builder plugin. The interface of this plage builder is a combination of Elementor and Divi Builder. It has a panel on the left side where you can add design elements. While to make the settings to the design elements, you will be provided a floating editor. Clicking the gear icon the floating editor will open the settings panel, which appears on the right side of the screen. The interface of Brizy is very clean. It is very easy to create a full-width page on Brizy. When adding a new section (called block in Brizy), you can set the width to full-width or boxed.

Just like the first three page builders above, Brizy is also released as a freemium plugin. The free version of Brizy comes with 18 design elements, including Form, Menu, Tabs, Map, Progress, and Counter. Also, the free version of Brizy offers premade templates (called layouts). Brizy also works on both pages and posts.

It has built-in maintenance and coming soon mode so you don’t need to install any extra plugin to enable the maintenance mode on your website while it’s being developed or under maintenance. Just for your information, the pro version of Brizy comes with a popup builder, the ability to create a custom footer and custom header.

5. WordPress Page Builder by MotoPress

If you have been using WordPress for a quite while, you might already know about MotoPress. It is a developer company that develops WordPress themes and plugins. One of the plugins developed by MotoPress is a page builder that you can use to create beautiful pages without coding just like other plugins above.

The Page Builder by MotoPress is also released as a freemium plugin. The free version comes with design elements like Slider, Post Grid, Post Slider, Google Maps, Chart, Countdown Timer, and so on. It works on both pages and posts.

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