4 Free Elementor Add-ons from Crocoblock

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Jan 23, 2024

Crocoblock is a well-known Elementor add-on developer. JetElements, JetWooBuilder, JetMenu, and JetPopup are examples of the Elementor add-ons developed by Crocoblock. They are released as paid add-ons. In addition to these four add-ons, there are fourteen more add-ons from Crocoblock which are also released as paid add-ons.

Despite famously known as a paid Elementor add-on developer, Crocoblock also developed some free add-ons, which we will show you shortly in this article.

The availability of add-ons is one of the reasons why Elementor is getting more popular in the WordPress sphere. Apart from its intuitive editor, of course. If you want to add a certain feature on your website and it can’t be accomplished with Elementor, you can install an add-on. For instance, if you want to add a YouTube playlist, you can install JetBlog as Elementor has no default widget to add one.

On the list:

4 Free Elementor Add-ons from Crocoblock

1. JetWidgets

JetWidgets is the first Elementor add-on from Crocoblock that can be used for free. You can get the add-on on the official plugin directory of WordPress. It has over 10,000 active installs with 5-star rating. JetWidgets adds eleven handy widgets on your Elementor as follows:

  • Advanced Carousel
  • Animated Box
  • Headline
  • Image Comparison
  • Image Layout
  • Posts
  • Pricing Table
  • Services
  • Subscribe
  • Team Member
  • Testimonial

JetWidgets is a great add-on if you use Elementor Free and want to add elements like pricing table, team member, and animated box. As you have known, the widgets to add these elements are only available on Elementor Pro. JetWidgets can also be a great solution if you want to display articles on your website. The Posts widget makes it possible. The widget displays the latest articles by default, but you can also filter the articles by category or manual selection via post IDs.

2. JetWoo Widgets

JetWoo Widgets is a great Elementor add-on if you have WooCommerce-powered e-commerce website. You can use it to display your WooCommerce products on an Elementor-powered page. You can display your product in either a grid or list style. The add-on adds the following widgets to Elementor:

  • Woo Categories Grid
  • Woo Products List
  • Woo Products Grid

3. JetSticky

One of the features offered by Elementor Pro is the ability to add sticky effect to a section and widget. If you use Elementor Free and want to add sticky effect, JetSticky can be a solution. However, the add-on doesn’t allow you to add sticky effect to a widget. Instead, you can add sticky effect to a column and section.

When adding sticky effect, you can set the top and bottom spacing. Also, you can set the device type you want to enable the sticky effect on. JetSticky is available on the plugin directory of WordPress.

4. JetGridBuilder

JetGridBuilder is another solution if you use Elementor Free and want to display blog posts on an Elementor-powered page. Not just blog posts, you can also display pages, WooCommerce products, and even custom post types. However, the add-on doesn’t display the content dynamically. Instead, you need to manually select the content you want to display and it won’t change until you change it manually.

In addition to displaying WordPress content, JetGridBuilder also allows you to display WordPress terms (tags and categories). JetGridBuilder itself is a great add-on if you are a fan of grid layout. The add-on displays your content in a grid layout.

The Bottom Line

Despite famously known as the developer of paid Elementor add-ons, Crocoblock also offers free add-ons for Elementor users. They can be solutions if you want to add certain elements, yet you use Elementor Free. For instance, the JetWidgets add-on allows you to add a pricing table and animated box.

Elementor Free has no widgets to add these two elements. JetWoo Widgets is also useful if you want to create a page with Elementor and you want to display your products on it.

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