6 Best FAQ Plugins for WordPress

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Jan 26, 2024

An FAQ page is a page that documents the frequently asked questions (FAQ) from website visitors. An FAQ page is useful to prevent repetitive questions from your visitors. Before making a question, your visitors can refer to the FAQ page on your website to find the answer they are looking for. There are lots of plugins to format the frequently asked questions to make them more interesting to read.

If you use Elementor, you can use the Toggle widget to create an FAQ section on a page. The Toggle widget is available on the free version of Elementor so you don’t need to upgrade to the pro version despite there are plenty of features you can unlock by upgrading to the pro version.

If you don’t use Elementor or other page builder plugin, here are some of the FAQ plugins you can use to make your FAQ section is more interesting to read.

1. Tribulant FAQ

Tribulant FAQ is a paid FAQ plugin. You can get this plugin for $34 for a single website. Tribulant FAQ is a feature-rich FAQ plugin. It comes with a dashboard where you can manage the question groups and questions. Tribulant FAQ is a great plugin if you want to allow your visitors to submit a new question.

You can let your visitors to submit a new question via a front-end form. You — the administrator — can approve the question before it appears on the FAQ page.

Here are the key features offered by the Tribulant FAQ:

  • User Interaction
  • Search Form
  • Submission Box
  • Translation/Localization
  • FAQ Management

2. Ultimate FAQs

Ultimate FAQs is a great solution if you are looking for a free FAQ plugin for your WordPress site. This plugin is released as a freemium plugin so you can use it for free. The free version is more than enough to create an FAQ page. When adding a new FAQ item, you can select a category and add a tag just like when you are creating a regular blog post on WordPress.

Ultimate FAQs can be easily integrated with Gutenberg. Once you have the Ultimate FAQs plugin installed and activated on your WordPress, you will see five Gutenberg blocks belong to the plugin.

What features offered by the pro version of the plugin?

The pro version of Ulmate FAQs allows you to add an FAQ tab to a product page to allow your customers to see the the common questions related to the product. If you use WPForms, you can set a field on your forms to automatically suggests and display FAQs when your visitors start typing their message.

3. Accordion FAQ

You can use Accordion FAQ to create an FAQ page with accordion style. Accordion FAQ is also released as a freemium plugin so you can use it free. Accordion FAQ uses shortcodes to allow you to add the FAQs you created to Gutenberg.

The premium version of this plugin comes with more accordion design templates, more icon sets, content animations, and so on.

4. Heroic WordPress FAQs Plugin

Heroic WordPress FAQs Plugin is another paid solution to create an FAQ page. The price of this plugin is expensive enough for an FAQ plugin. This plugin is sold at $49 for one website. This plugin comes with a drag-and-drop FAQ builder. You can easily FAQs, group them, and reorder them.

When adding a new FAQ item, you can add an image or video to it. This plugin uses shortcodes to allow you to add your FAQs anywhere you like. When styling up your FAQs, you can choose one out of 5 styles.

5. Easy Accordion

If you ever noticed, most FAQ sections are available in a collapsible style. Creating this sort of FAQ section is pretty easy with the Easy Accordion plugin. This plugin comes with a WordPress Classic Editor so you can basically add elements like images and video. When adding a new FAQ item, you can also format the content like adding bullet and numbering, underlining certain words, and so on.

Easy Accordion itself is available as a freemium plugin. If you use the pro version, you will be able to select more style presets. The pro version of Easy Accordion is integrated with FontAwesome, allowing you to add stylish icons to your FAQ items. Easy Accordion also uses shortcodes to add your shortcodes.

6. Helpie FAQ

Helpie FAQ is an advanced FAQ plugin for WordPress. When adding an FAQ item, you can assign it to a category or tag. You can easily add your FAQs to any page or post on your WordPress thanks to the Gutenberg block offered by the plugin.

If you use Elementor, Helpie FAQ also adds a widget that you can use to add the FAQs you created effortlessly, while also gives you the ability to style them up using Elementor editor. If you use WooCommerce, you can also add an FAQ tab to your product.

Helpie FAQ itself is available in two versions: free and pro. The pro version allows you to accept FAQ submissions from users. Before the submissions appear on the FAQ page, you can also approve them first.

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