12 Best Elementor Alternatives (Free and Paid)

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Feb 11, 2024

Whether you like it or not, Elementor is today’s best WordPress page builder plugin. But if it doesn’t suit you anymore, we have compiled a list of the best Elementor alternatives.

Page builder plugins like Elementor make it easy for you to create a professional in WordPress. You can create the core pages using a visual editor where everything is drag and drop. Furthermore, you can also create custom templates for parts like header, footer, and archive pages.

As a site development tool, Elementor also has a strong ecosystem. Supported by a vibrant community (end-users and developers). But it doesn’t mean that Elementor is a perfect product. It also has some drawbacks, though.

If you are looking for an Elementor alternative, regardless of the reason, here are some the best alternatives you can try.

On the list:

Paid Elementor Alternatives

1. Divi Builder

Divi Builder editor interface.

Divi Builder is probably the best page builder plugin alternative to Elementor. It actually existed first than Elementor but it previously only available for Divi theme and Extra theme, two premium WordPress themes developed by Elegant Themes. Divi Builder itself is also a product of Elegant Themes.

If you use Divi Builder on the Divi theme or Extra theme, you don’t need to install the plugin anymore as Divi Builder is an integral part of the Divi theme and Extra theme. Divi Builder also comes with a visual editor to make it easy for you to create a beautiful page on your WordPress site. Although its editor is arguably different from Elementor’s, the overall features are not too different. Some key features offered by Divi Builder are:

  • Visual editor
  • Theme builder
  • Dynamic content
  • Custom fields
  • Third-party integrations (Mailchimp, MailerLite, etc.)
  • Premade templates
  • Custom CSS

Divi Builder is especially a great option for agencies. With a single license, you can use Divi Builder for as many projects as you want. You can get it for $89 per year (or $249 for a one-time purchase option).

Divi Builder Pros:

  • Simple pricing plan
  • Advanced responsive editing feature
  • Well-established ecosystem
  • Extensible via plugins
  • Generative AI
  • Extensive dynamic content support
  • Excellent support

Divi Builder Cons:

  • Lack of design elements
  • The editor is a bit heavy

2. OptimizeBuilder

OptimizeBuilder editor interface.

As you know, Elementor is a multi-purpose page builder plugin. You can use it to create any type of page, including landing page. If you are looking for an Elementor alternative to create a landing page, then OptimizeBuilder is a great option. It is a page builder part of the OptimizePress marketing suite.

OptimizeBuilder offers a great visual editor just like Elementor. But unlike Elementor, OptimizeBuilder is designed specifically to create a landing page. Hence, it comes with elements like Checkout Form, Checkout Download, Checkout Summary. The page builder also supports integrations with nearly all email marketing services.

OptimizeBuilder Pros:

  • Great for marketing
  • Extensive design elements
  • Responsive editing
  • E-commerce functionality

OptimizeBuilder Pros:

  • A bit pricey
  • Requires a bundle for optimal use

3. tagDiv Composer

tagDiv Composer is a page builder developed by tagDiv. It is developed exclusively for two themes developed by tagDiv: Newspaper and Newsmag. tagDiv Composer is especially a great option to create an online magazine, blog, or other newspaper-style websites. It comes with some elements (called shortcodes) to display articles in a grid and list style.

Even so, you can also use tagDiv Composer to create a more static website such as a company profile or portfolio site as tagDiv Composer also comes with shortcodes like Image Box, Button, Team Member, Client, and so on. tagDiv Composer only works on pages. tagDiv Composer is available on ThemeForest. You can get it with a one-time purchase at $59.

tagDiv Composer Pros:

  • Great to build magazine-style websites
  • Plenty of design elements
  • No subscription fee
  • Dozens of pre-made websites

tagDiv Composer Cons:

  • Steeper learning curve to use the editor
  • Requires Newspaper theme

4. Cornerstone

Cornerstone is one of the best options if you are looking for an affordable paid page builder plugin for your projects. You can get Cornerstone with a time-time purchase option as it is marketed via CodeCanyon. You need to spend $69 to get the Cornerstone plugin.

Cornerstone is optimized for the X theme (a theme developed by Themeco) but you can install and use it on WordPress regardless of the theme you use. It comes with elements like Callout, Button, Author, Alert, Search, Protect, and so on.

Cornerstone Pros:

  • Plenty of design elements
  • No subscription fee
  • Generic (can be installed on any theme)

Cornerstone Cons:

  • Requires learning curve

5. Oxygen Builder

Unlike the first three page builders above, Oxygen Builder is not built or optimized specifically for a certain theme. You can install and use it on any theme to build your site. Oxygen Builder is also a great option for agencies as you are allowed to download and install the Oxygen Builder plugin on unlimited websites with a single license.

Another plus point, you can get the plugin with a one-time purchase option so you only need to spend the money upfront. You can use Oxygen Builder whether to create a regular website or an e-commerce website (using WooCommerce). Oxygen Builder supports integration with custom field plugins like ACF and Toolset. It also comes with a header builder to allow you to create a custom header on your WordPress site.

Oxygen Builder Pros:

  • Powerful features
  • Dynamic content support
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Generic page builder

Oxygen Builder Cons:

  • Client-friendly challenges
  • Requires learning curve

6. WPBakery

WPBakery is another generic page builder plugin like Oxygen Builder, meaning that it is not built or optimized for a specific WordPress theme. The page builder itself is a long enough player. It has been around since 2012. No wonder if it has an established ecosystem, with over 5 million users.

Same as Elementor, you can also extend the functionality of WPBakery by installing add-ons. WPBakery can also be integrated with ACF in case you want to add custom fields to your page.

WP Bakery Pros:

  • Plenty of design elements
  • Relatively easy to use
  • Requires learning curve

WP Bakery Cons:

  • No free version
  • A bit painful to access pre-made templates

Free Elementor Alternatives

1. Breakdance

Breakdance is arguably the best Elementor alternative in terms of features. It has nearly all features that Elementor also has. From theme builder, popup builder, to loop builder. It also has a similar editor to Elementor to make it easy for you to adapt.

The free version of Breakdance is available, but you need to download it on its official website. The developer doesn’t release it on WordPress.org.

Same as Elementor, Breakdance also offers plenty of design elements. It also supports dynamic content in case you want to create a dynamic website like a listing website, database website, and so on. Its loop builder feature is quite useful to create a dynamic website.

Breakdance Pros:

  • Free version is available
  • Extensive design elements collection
  • Advanced responsive editing
  • Built-in lead management

Breakdance Cons:

  • No e-commerce functionality
  • Doesn’t support add-on

2. Brizy

Brizy is probably the best alternative to Elementor — other than Divi Builder. This page builder has many things in common with Elementor. From the intuitive, lightweight visual editor to a live editing experience. Brizy is also released as a freemium plugin. The free version even comes with a form builder feature although you can’t connect your form with a third-party tool like you can do with the pro version.

You can read the comparison between Brizy and Elementor on this page. While you can use Brizy for free, you can unlock the following features if you use the pro version:

  • Dynamic content
  • Custom fields
  • Header and footer builder
  • Third-party integrations (Mailchimp, MailerLite, and so on)
  • Popup builder
  • Megamenu builder
  • Premade templates
  • Custom CSS

Brizy Pros:

  • Light editor
  • Easy to use
  • Generic
  • Complete enough features
  • Extensive dynamic content support

Brizy Cons:

  • The free version is too basic
  • The editor is painful on smaller screen

3. Zion Builder

Zion Builder is a new player. The pro version of it has just been released 4 months ago. Zion Builder is developed by the developer of the KALLYAS theme. Even so, it is not built specifically for the KALLYAS theme. Instead, you can install and use Zion Builder on any WordPress theme.

The interface of Zion Builder is pretty similar to Brizy, which has a large canvas area with a live editing experience. The free version of Zion Builder comes with elements like Image Slider, Pricing Box, Progress Bars, Button, Gallery, and so on. The pro version of Zion Builder offers:

  • More elements
  • More templates
  • Dynamic content
  • Custom fonts and icons

But soon, you will be able to create a custom header, custom footer, popup, custom WooCommerce pages as these features are being developed.

Zion Builder Pros:

  • Light edittor
  • Plenty of design elements
  • Dynamic content support
  • Generic

Zion Builder Cons:

  • The free version is too basic
  • Lack of extra features

4. Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder is another page builder plugin that is released as a freemium plugin just like Elementor. Meaning you can use it for free. The free version of Beaver Builder comes with basic elements (called modules) like Photo, Button, Heading, Icon, Text Editor, HTML, and so on. It can be used to create a beautiful page on your WordPress site, regardless of the theme you use.

Beaver Builder Pros:

  • Minimalist
  • Easy to use
  • Extensible

Beaver Builder Cons:

  • Tiered pricing plans
  • The free version is too basic

5. Visual Composer

Visual Composer is also a great tool to create a WordPress-based website without coding. It also has a visual editor where everything is drag and drop, just like Elementor. Visual Composer is a generic page builder plugin that can work seamlessly with any WordPress theme.

The pro version even allows you to create a custom header, custom footer, custom single post, and so on. Just like Elementor.

Visual Composer Pros:

  • Relatively Easy to use
  • Complete Enough Feature

Visual Composer Cons:

  • A bit painful to access pre-made templates
  • Uncessary integrations

6. Page Builder Sandwich

Another page builder plugin that you can use to create a beautiful page on your WordPress site without dealing with CSS code is Page Builder Sandwich. Not as popular as Elementor, but you can also use Page Builder Sandwich to create a stunning page.

You can also add effects like parallax and entrance animation. Page Builder Sandwich is a generic page builder plugin that can work seamlessly with any WordPress theme. It is released as a freemium plugin, meaning that you can use it for free with an option to upgrade to the pro version.

Page Builder Sandwich Pros:

  • Minimalist
  • Light editor

Page Builder Sandwich Cons:

  • The free version is too basic
  • Minimum features

Summary: Which Elementor Alternative You Should Use?

The way people create a WordPress website has shifted these days. Most of them are no longer rely on a theme to create a unique, beautiful website. Instead, they prefer to use a page builder plugin like Elementor which offers more customization options.

Often times, the ability to add custom fields is another reason why many WordPress users prefer to use a page builder plugin. This feature allows you to create a complex, dynamic website without coding. Elementor is by far the most popular page builder for WordPress. It has nearly all the features you can expect from a page builder plugin. From an intuitive visual editor, theme builder, custom CSS, the ability to add custom fields, to popup builder.

If you are not into Elementor, regardless of the reason, you can try one of the alternatives we recommended above. Divi Builder is a great alternative if you are looking for a paid option. It has a strong ecosystem just like Elementor.

Elegant Themes — the developer of Divi Builder — provides a marketplace where you can get Divi Builder extensions, child themes, and layouts. Brizy and Zion Builder are two great options if you are looking for a free solution. They come with a very intuitive, lightweight editor — as well as useful basic elements.

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