5 Plugins to a Create Custom Post Type in WordPress

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Feb 1, 2024

In the previous article, we have covered how to create a custom post type in WordPress without a plugin. If you don’t want to bother dealing with PHP code, there is a simpler solution you can take: using a plugin. We have compiled the best WordPress plugins that you can use to create a custom post type. From the free ones to the paid ones.

Creating a custom post type itself can be a solution if you want to add a content type that is not supported by WordPress by default. In the previous post, we exemplified how a custom post type can be implemented on a movie database site where you can use the custom post type to create the individual movie pages. You, of course, have your own case of why you need to create a custom post type.

Here are 5 of the best plugin to create a custom post type in WordPress.

1. JetEngine

On the top list, we have JetEngine. It is a plugin developed by Crocoblock. JetEngine itself is not designed specifically to be a custom post type plugin. Instead, it is a versatile plugin to create a dynamic website. You can use it to create a listing website type such as a property website, a directory site, and other site types that have listing content.

The JetEngine plugin itself is built specifically for Elementor. In other words, you need to have Elementor installed and activated on your WordPress site to be able to use it. You can use JetEngine to create the dynamic content components, while for the styling process you can use Elementor. In addition to creating a custom post type, you can also use JetEngine to create the following content:

  • Forms
  • Dynamic calendars
  • Custom fields
  • Listing item
  • Custom taxonomies

When creating a new custom post type using JetEngine, you can directly add the custom fields. JetEngine itself is a paid plugin, costing $26 per year.

2. Toolset

Toolset is a great solution for those who want to create a professional website, yet have no programming skills. You can use the plugin to create custom fields on your WordPress site. Also, it allows you to create a custom post type just like JetEngine above, in which you can add the custom fields during the custom post type creation process. Toolset comes with a component called Types to handle the custom post type creation job.

When creating a new custom post type using Toolset, you can set which WordPress editor you would like to use. Whether the block editor (Gutenberg) or the classic editor. You can also select which dashicon you want to use for your custom post type. Tooltset is compatible with WordPress 4.7 and the newer versions. It works on any theme.

Same as JetEngine, Toolset is also released as a paid plugin. You need to spend $51 per year to use the plugin.

3. Pods

Looking for a free solution for a custom post type plugin? If yes then Pods is a plugin you can give a try. The Pods developer team doesn’t charge you a dime to use their product, but you can support them by making a donation.

Pods itself is a powerful enough plugin to create a dynamic website with WordPress. You can use the plugin to create both a custom post type and custom fields, regardless of the theme you use. Another great thing, Pods can be integrated with Elementor and Brizy, allowing you to create a beautiful dynamic website without coding at all.

If you use Elementor on your WordPress site, you can use Pods to create the custom post type and use Elementor to create the custom template for the custom post type you created.

4. Custom Post Type UI

Custom Post Type UI is the most popular custom post type plugin with over 900.000 users. It is another free solution to create a custom post type on your WordPress site. The plugin offers lots of options to add the labels for the custom post type you are creating.

Also, you can set where the labels appear on the WordPress dashboard.

Unfortunately, Custom Post Type UI doesn’t allow you to add custom fields. To get the most out of it, you can install ACF to add custom fields you created with Custom Post Type UI.

5. Custom Post Types

Custom Post Types is a custom post type plugin developed by an Italian developer Andrea De Giovine. You can use the plugin for free although the pro version is also available with more advanced features. When creating a custom post type using this plugin, you can enable/disable components like the editor, featured image, and excerpt.

The plugin also offers an option to effortlessly add a dashicon and labels to your custom post type. In addition to creating a custom post type, the Custom Post Types plugin also allows you to add custom fields and custom taxonomies.

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