9 Best Divi Plugins to Enhance Your Editing Experience

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Apr 8, 2024

Let’s be honest. Divi is not the best option in terms of feature. It has only 39 native elements (modules). Way fewer than Elementor and even Breakdance. Thankfully, Divi has an open ecosystem to allow third-party developers to get involved by developing a plugin. Today, there have been hundreds of Divi plugins from third-party developers. In this post, I will share 9 of the best Divi plugins available in the market.

Elegant Themes, the company behind Divi, offers an official marketplace where users can buy and sell Divi-related products. Including plugins. Here, you can find plugins from a wide range of categories. From multi-purpose plugins to WooCommerce-specific plugins.

Typically, a Divi plugin offers a set of extra elements to allow you to add elements outside the native elements. Also, some plugins offer extra features like a popup builder and pre-made layouts.


Features to Look in a Divi Plugin

The vast majority of Divi users have one thing in common when they want to install a plugin. They want to have more modules in the Divi Builder editor so that they can add more creative elements to their design.

As I said in the opening section, Divi has only 39 native modules by default. These modules are definitely not enough to unleash your creativity in web design. Especially if you want to add visual elements like a before-after image, image hotspot, masonry gallery, and so on. With that said, the modules a plugin offer is the first thing you need to look.

Complementary features, popup builder in particular, is another thing you need to look. Every now and then, you may want to create a popup on your Divi-powered WordPress website. Whether to capture leads or to improve user experience.

Best Divi Plugins

Here are some of the best Divi plugins I can recommend. All the plugins on the list below are available on the Divi Marketplace. You can also buy them directly from the official website of the respective developer.

Multi-Purpose Divi Plugins

A multi-purpose Divi plugin is a plugin designed to create any type of website. Usually, you will have more modules on the Divi Builder editor after installing a mult-purpose Divi plugins.

Here is the list of multi-purpose Divi plugins you can consider to install.

1. Divi Plus

Divi Plus banner.

Divi Plus is the first choice you can consider if you are looking for a multi-purpose Divi plugin. With Divi Plus, you can add more creative elements to your Divi design. The plugin offers about 55 modules in total. Handy modules like Flip Box, Price List, and Content Toggle area available in the plugin.

In addition to extra modules, Divi Plus also comes with some features to extend the functionality of Divi. It comes with a popup builder to allow you to create a stunning popup using the visual editor of Divi (Divi Builder). The popup builder feature of Divi Plus supports both page load and element click triggers. Furthermore, Divi Plus also comes with other features like pre-made layouts, particle backround, and element scheduler.

Key Features of Divi Plus:
  • 55 modules
  • Popup builder
  • Element scheduler
  • Particle backgrounds
  • 50+ layout packs

2. Divi Essential

Divi Essential banner

Looking for a Divi plugin that has a star rating module? Divi Essential is one of which. You can use the module to create both static star rating and dynamic star rating. To create dynamic start rating, you can integrate the plugin with ACF or the similar plugins that Divi supports. Star rating is not the olnly module that Divi Essential offers. Instead, it offers 64+ modules in total.

Some key modules you can use after installing Divi Essential are Content Toggle, Dual Button, Feature List, Testominal Slider, and more.

Same as Divi Plus above, Divi Essential also comes with a popup builder feature to make it easy for you to create a popup on your Divi website. The popup builder feature of Divi Essential is a bit better than Divi Plus’. It supports more trigger types. From page load, button lick, exit intent, inactivity, and so on.

Key Features of Divi Essential:
  • More advanced popup builder
  • 64+ modules
  • Prebuilt websites

3. Divi Pixel

Divi Pixel is a feature-rich plugin for Divi. Not only it adds a set of extra modules to enrich your editing experience with Divi Builder, but it enriches your site building with Divi as whole. Two handy features that Divi Pixel offers are SVG upload and TTF upload.

For your information, Divi comes with a custom font feature, but it has no built-in feature to allow TTF upload yet. Before you can upload a TTF file, you need to make some tweak to make your WordPress website accept TTF file. The TTF upload feature of Divi Pixel makes the process a lot easier. You don’t need to make any change to WordPress file. All you need to do is toggle the option on.

Other features that Divi Pixel offers include the ability to add preload, the ability to customize the Divi back to button, particle background, and popup builder. The total of modules that Divi Pixel offers is 51.

Key Features of Divi Pixel:
  • 50+ modules
  • Popup builder
  • SVG upload
  • TTF upload
  • Preloader
  • Back to button button customizer
  • Particle background

4. DiviFlash

DiviFlash is a great plugin to enrich your page editing experience with Divi. With the plugin, you can add elements that are impossible with the native Divi modules. Some of which are table, image hotspot, star rating, before-after image, and so on.

If you often create custom header using Divi theme builder feature, DiviFlash has a special module that you can use to create a multi-column menu on your header. The plugin also has some modules dedicated to displaying your content. One of which is Post Grid, which you can use to display content in a magazine-style look.

Same as the first three plugins above, DiviFlash also comes with a popup builder in case you need it. Furthermore, the plugin also comes with 25 layout packs you can import.

Key Features of DiviFlash:
  • 50+ modules
  • 25+ layout packs
  • Popup builder
  • Advanced menu builder

5. Divi Torque Pro

Divi Torque Pro banner.

Looking for a Divi plugin that has a module to display your Instagram feed? Divi Torque Pro is one of the options you can install. You can check the demo of Instagram feed page on the official website of Divi Torque Pro here.

In addition to Instagram, the plugin also has other mudules to integrate some third-party services with your website. Including WhatsApp and Telegram.

Key Features of Divi Torque Pro:
  • 40+ Modules
  • 90+ Layouts
  • 4+ Extensions

6. Divi Supreme

Divi Supreme banner.

Divi Supreme is one of the most popular Divi plugins. Unlike other plugins above, Divi Supreme is released as a freemium product. Meaning that you can use the plugin for free although the features you can access are fewer than the pro version. The free version of Divi Surpeme is available on WordPress.org. There are 21 modules you can access with the free version.

The pro version, of course, offers more advanced modules. Some modules available on the pro version of Divi Supreme are Star Rating, Card, Masonry Gallery, Adanced Tab and Content Toggle.

Furthermore, the pro version of Divi Supreme also comes with extra features like popup builder and element scheduler.

Key Features of Divi Supreme:
  • 60+ modules
  • Popup builder
  • Element scheduler
  • Free version is available

Divi Plugins for WooCommerce

Divi has native WooCommerce builder to allow you to create custom templates and pages for WooCommerce. After installing WooCommerce, you will see more WooCommerce-specific modules on your Divi Builder editor.

If you need to add more features to your WooCommerce-based online store, the following plugins are worth considering.

1. Divi WooCommerce Extended

Planning to create a WooCommerce website with Divi? If yes, Divi WooCommerce Extended is a plugin you can consider to install. With the plugin, you can add a live search feature to your online store to make it easier for your customers to find the products they are looking for. The plugin also comes with some modules to enrich the shopping experience on your online store.

One of the modules that the plugin offers is Mini Cart, which you can add to your custom header. With the module, your customers can quickly view the products they have added to the shopping cart from your site header, without going to the cart page. Furthermore, Divi WooCommerce Extended also comes with modules to display your products in a carousel and grid mode.

Key Features of Divi WooCommerce Extended:
  • Mini Cart
  • Quick View
  • Ajax Search
  • Tab Manager
  • Wishlist

2. Woo Essential

Woo Essential is another great plugin if you want to create a WooCommerce website with Divi. The plugin also offers modules designed specifically for WooCommerce just like Divi WooCommerce Extended above. It has a Mini Cart module, which has the same functionality as Divi WooCommerce Extended’s. You can also add a live search feature to your online store using the Ajax Search module.

In addition, Woo Essential also comes with modules to allow you to display your products in a wide range of styles. From carousel to grid.

Two other features you can add to your online store after installing Woo Essential are quick view and product comparison.

Key Features of Woo Essential:
  • Mini Cart
  • Product Filter
  • Ajax Search
  • 10+ WooCommerce-specific Modules
  • 80+ Templates

3. Divi Ajax Filter

If you have a massive number of products on your WooCommerce website, using Divi Ajax Filter can be a sollution to make it easy for your customers to find them. With the plugin, you can add advanced filtering feature to your online store, much like Amazon’s. You can allow you customers to filter products by category, price range, and so on.

You can integrate Divi Ajax Filter with ACF to add specific filtering criteria using a custom field.

Key Features of Divi Ajax Filter:
  • Ajax Filter
  • Filter by Product Category and Tag
  • Filter by Product Attribute
  • ACF Integration


Despite lack of features, Divi remains one of the best options to build a WordPress website. Especially if you are an agency or freelancer. After all, you can add more features by installing a plugin.

Most Divi plugins are released as a paid product just like Divi itself. So, you need to be very careful before making a purchase. Make sure to learn all the available features before you buy a certain plugin, especially the modules it offers.

Also consider compelementary features like popup builder and pre-made layouts. Make sure everything fits you needs.

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