How to Add Related Posts in a Single Post Template on Elementor

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May 14, 2023

Elementor is one of the best page builder plugins for WordPress. Not only you can use it to create a beautiful page on your WordPress site. Elementor also comes with a Theme Builder feature to allow you to create your own WordPress theme without coding. One of the theme elements you can create with Elementor is a single post layout.

When creating a single post layout template on Elementor, you can add things you usually see on a single post of a WordPress site. Like social share buttons, sidebar, comment column, and related posts. This post will show you how to add related posts on a single post layout template on Elementor.

Add Related Posts in a Single Post Template on Elementor

  • Login to your WordPress dashboard and go to Template -> Theme Builder.
  • On the Theme Builder page, go to the Single tab and click the Add New button to create a new single post layout template.
  • Give your template a name. On the Select Post Type section make sure to select Post. Click the CREATE TEMPLATE button to start creating the Elementor template.
  • On the library pop-up, select one of the single post templates offered by Elementor. Or, if you want to create the single post layout from scratch, simply close this pop-up.
  • In most cases, the related posts section lies above the comment column. Drag the Posts element from the Elements panel (a panel on the right side) to the Elementor editor and place it right above the comment section.
  • On the Content tab on the Elements panel, scroll down to the Query section and click to open options it holds.
  • Click the drop-down menu on the Source section and select Related.

That’s it. You can return to the Layout section to customize your related posts. You can set things like the skin, the number of posts (on the related posts), image size and so on.

You can implement the instructions above whether on a new template or existing Elementor template.

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