How to Add Pagination on the Home Page of Newspaper Theme

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Jun 4, 2020

On the Newspaper theme, you are required to create a page which you will set as the home page. To do so, you are assisted by a page builder — tagDiv Composer — which is available as a required plugin. If you Newspaper theme for a dynamic website like blog, news portal or even online magazine, one of the mandatory elements you have to provide on the home page is pagination.

If you are a new user of Newspaper theme, you might be wondering how to add pagination on the home page as there is no pagination element you can find on the tagDiv Composer.

On Newspaper theme, pagination is available on blocks. Block itself is a container for one or more module types. There are about 25 blocks offered by Newspaper. You can use blocks to display latest posts, posts from certain categories, featured posts, a single specific post and so on according to your need. Every time you want to add a block on the page you are creating, you can add the pagination.

How to add pagination on the home page of Newspaper theme

Say you are creating a home page of your website and you want to add the latest posts with a pagination. To do so, you can select one of the available blocks. In this example, we will use Block 12. To add a new block, click the Add Element button.

Select one of the available blocks. Once again, we use Block 12 on this example. Drag it to the column on the right side.

Hover your mouse over the block you have just added and click the Element button to edit its elements.

The element settings panel will open on the left side. Click the Filter tab and scroll down to the EXTRA section. You will see pagination option there. Simply select the pagination style from the dropdown menu.

On Newspaper theme, blocks are not only can be used on the home page. You can also add a block to widget to display popular posts, for instance. Every time you add a block, you can add the pagination as well.

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