How to Add a Beautiful Button in WordPress Post without Plugin

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Jun 4, 2020

Many pros and cons about the new WordPress editor Gutenberg. Whether or not you like this editor, it has some features that are not available on the classic editor of WordPress. In Gutenberg, you can add a decent button, say download button, to a blog post without using any plugin. Thanks to this feature, you can add a better-looking button to your blog post effortlessly.

When it comes to button, MaxButtons is a popular enough plugin widely used by WordPress users. This doesn’t mean that the built-in button feature on Gutenberg will kill MaxButtons. They both work different way. MaxButtons has a centralized panel where settings are done via this panel. A single button can be used over and over on different blog posts or pages, while a single button you created on Gutenberg can only be used once. If you want to add more than one buttons on a single post, you need to create them one by one.

Even so, the built-in button feature of Gutenberg is useful enough. Especially if you rarely adding button to a blog post.

How to add a button in a WordPress post without plugin

  • First, create a new post just like usual.
  • Add a new block by clicking the plus button. You can find the button block on the Layout Elements section.
  • Add a text to your button and paste the destination URL. You can also change the button style. There are three styles offered by Gutenberg.
  • To change the background color or the text color, go to the block editor on the right panel.

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